Robinson says Seahawks have grown up

RENTON, Wash. -- Veteran fullback Michael Robinson, who was re-signed by the Seattle Seahawks Tuesday after being released at the end of the preseason, said he watched every Seattle game at home. So what is his assessment on the 6-1 team?

“We’ve grown up,” he said. “We’ve learned how to win on the road and taken that excitement we have here and put that on the road. We’ve learned how to make the big plays in the clutch and finish games. And obviously, we can rush the passer now.”

Free safety Earl Thomas had an unusual way of saying how glad he was that Robinson, the team’s starting fullback the previous three seasons, is back.

“Man, I’m glad I don’t have to take on his blocks,’’ Thomas said. "And have you seen that guy’s head? It’s huge.”

Few people knew that Robinson was hospitalized in August after a bad reaction to an anti-inflammatory drug, along with having a virus, almost caused his kidneys to fail.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll visited Robinson in the hospital.

“Mike had an unusual circumstance and I was worried about him,” Carroll said. “He didn’t know what was going on and we didn’t have the answers at the time.”

Robinson lost 30 pounds during his illness and was released from the team in a financial move to go with younger players. But Carroll told Robinson they hoped to bring in back at some point.

“Mike has done a lot of great stuff for us and he’s been here and been a fantastic contributor,” Carroll said. “So when he went down, we weren’t sure what was going to happen. We were concerned.

“At the time, we had to make the move we made, but with the thought in mind that we would get him back and he would contribute this season.”

Robinson also said the one Seattle player he talked to regularly the past two months was running back Marshawn Lynch.

‘‘I was getting calls from him every day,” Robinson said. “We’re really good friends whether we play football together or not, but I know he missed me.”