Seahawks sampling: Martin over Incognito

RENTON, Wash -- The overall results of ESPN.com's NFL Nation poll on hazing are similar to the responses in a random sampling of three Seahawks players earlier this week who were kind enough to answer the anonymous poll questions.

When the Seattle players were asked which man they would rather have as a teammate -- Richie Incognito or Jonathan Martin -- the response was 3-0 in favor of Martin.

The overall responses across the league were more than 2-to-1 in favor of Martin (34 to 15), with 23 voters saying neither.

None of the Seattle voters said they had ever been a victim of hazing. However, one player did say it is common practice for rookies to buy lunch for a veteran. That voter said he had done so. Clearly, he didn't consider that long-time tradition as hazing.

Seattle rookies are often asked to carry a teammate's shoulder pads back to the locker room after practice, but they also don't consider that hazing, just a rite of passage.

In the overall survey numbers league wide, 57 percent of the voters said they had never been a victim of hazing, and 61 percent said they had never been asked to provide money as a result of hazing.

Those numbers are lower than the Seattle results, probably because the Seahawks who answered the survey don't consider the little things as hazing.

Seattle coach Pete Carroll said he checked earlier this week about an unusual haircut that one Seahawks rookie has.

"I just wanted to make sure someone didn't make him get that haircut," Carroll said. "And they didn't. He just wanted that haircut, believe it or not."