Russell Wilson improving his MVP chances

RENTON, Wash. -- Russell Wilson already was being talked about as an MVP candidate before Monday night, but his stellar performance in the Seattle Seahawks' 34-7 victory over the New Orleans Saints probably showed a lot of people just how good he can be.

Wilson completed 23 of 30 passes for 310 yards and three touchdown. He also rushed for 47 yards on eight carries.

“What usually happens is the teams that have to most success attract that [MVP] type of attention,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said Tuesday on his 710 ESPN Seattle radio show. “No question. [Wilson] is playing that type of football, but that doesn’t matter, and I think he would tell you the same thing.”

Wilson consistent burned the New Orleans defense on its blitz packages Monday night, throwing two touchdowns and completing 8 of 9 passes when the Saints rushed five or more players.

“It’s a beautiful statement that’s he’s arriving, and you better look out,” Carroll said. “He did a perfect job. He saw [the blitz] coming and checked off to it. He finds so many ways to make it tough on an opponent.”

Receiver Doug Baldwin, who had a 4-yard touchdown and a 52-yard reception on a Wilson deep throw off a blitz, said that nothing Wilson does surprises him anymore.

“It shows in the huddle with his poise and composure and the way he leads us down the field,” Baldwin said. “He does that every week, but this was prime time and he took it to another level.”

Carroll said he has a hard time explaining to people what it is that makes Wilson so good.

“It’s everything about him,” Carroll said. “But I get asked that all the time and I really feel inadequate in describing what he’s all about, other than just watching him.

“He’s an extraordinary individual, which goes way beyond his football ability. It’s his leadership, his discipline, his hard work, his competitiveness and his toughness. He has an uncanny ability to rise to the moment. We’re just very lucky to have him.”