Which foe is the best option for Seattle?

RENTON, Wash. -- So which team do you want the Seahawks to play next week?

Sure, playing the hated 49ers again would be fun for the fans, but San Francisco probably is the best team of the three options.

So why would you want to play a team that would come to CenturyLink Field with a 13-4 record, having won the last game they played against Seattle?

By the way, talk about escaping the North Pole. Had the Seahawks lost to St. Louis last weekend, they would have gotten a trip to balmy Green Bay this weekend. The expected high temperature on Sunday is 0 and the predicted low is minus-18.

And I thought archaic Candlestick Park was cold last month. Have fun with that, 49ers.

The other two possible opponents for the Seahawks are New Orleans and Green Bay. The Saints come to Seattle if they defeat the Eagles in Philadelphia Sunday.

The expected high in Philly for Saturday’s game is a much more pleasant 30 degrees, although that’s still too cold for the Saints and quarterback Drew Brees, a great player who struggles in cold weather on the road.

But New Orleans is the opponent Seattle fans should hope to see. The Saints are 3-5 on the road this season, including the 34-7 loss in the Monday night game last month at CenturyLink Field.

Green Bay has the worst record of the three possible opponents at 8-7-1, but that’s misleading. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was out with a broken collar bone and the Packers went 2-5-1 without him. He returned last week to lead Green Bay to victory in a winner-take-all NFC North matchup at Chicago.

Packers receiver Randall Cobb also returned last week, so the Green Bay team the Seahawks would face is much better than its record indicates. And the Packers still might be smarting a little over the Immaculate Deception catch (as some Green Bay fans call it) on Golden Tate’s controversial game-winning grab to defeat the Packers on the last play of the game last season at CenturyLink.

So to review:

Best possible opponent for the Seahawks: New Orleans. No way the Saints win back-to-back road games in cold weather, and they just don’t match up well with the Seattle defense.

Worst possible opponent: San Francisco. Easily the most talented team of the three and one that knows the Seahawks well.

Somewhere in between: Green Bay. A great quarterback and a talented rookie running back in Eddie Lacy. Also, cold weather in Seattle is a warm day to these guys.