Wilson better than No. 3 in intelligence

Russell Wilson is No. 3 overall among a quintet of young NFL quarterbacks?

That’s how it worked out for a panel of 12 NFL experts rating the second-year Seattle Seahawks quarterback third overall among the five rising stars calling signals in the NFL.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck was first and Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins was second. Behind Wilson were San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers.

Here’s where I disagree. ESPN.com’s Jeffri Chadiha asked the panel to rate each man in five categories. The one where Wilson got a raw deal in my book is intelligence. He’s rated third in that category behind the two guys who finished ahead of him overall -- Luck and Griffin.

I don’t know if there a more intelligent person in the entire NFL than Wilson. This is a guy who graduated from North Carolina State in three years with a degree in communications, then attended graduate school in business while playing professional baseball before ending his college football career at Wisconsin.

You only have to be around Wilson a few minutes to know this young man is special far beyond his talents on the football field. And Wilson’s ability to process what's happening on the field and make the right adjustment is second to none.

Nothing against Luck and Griffin (who was accepted in law school at Baylor) but Wilson in No. 1 on the intelligence meter.

On the other four categories, I have no qualms. Wilson ranked No. 2 in accuracy behind RG III, No. 2 in durability behind Luck, second in supporting cast to Kaepernick and first in urgency, his desire to work hard and improve.

And how do you end up third if you rank second or better in four of five categories?

By the way, Wilson is No. 3 this week on an MVP Watch list by ESPN.com’s Dan Graziano behind Peyton Manning and Kaepernick.

But third in intelligence? Not unless we’re counting Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.