Bevell interviewed with two NFL teams

RENTON, Wash. -- Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said he had two interviews last week for NFL head coaching positions, but didn't specify the two teams.

"That process is over now," Bevell said Tuesday. "Now it's just about game-planning this week and getting ready for this game. We're completely focused on New Orleans."

Bevell was reportedly in the running for head coaching positions at Washington, Cleveland and Minnesota. He was asked how he thought the interviews went.

"You'll have to ask them that," Bevell said. "I don't know what they thought."

Bevell, 43, interviewed for the Arizona Cardinals head coaching job at this time last year, which he thinks helped him this time around.

"Just going through that you learn about the whole process,'' he said. "You feel better about it. Looking back, there are things you wish you had said and done at the time."