Hairy Unger will be clean shaven soon

JERSEY CITY, N.J. -- It isn’t quite to the "Duck Dynasty" level yet, but Seahawks center Max Unger has a beard that would make Santa Claus proud.

It’s not white, but it's big, brown and bushy. How the man snaps on his chin strap has to be one of the world’s great mysteries.

As is typical for Super Bowl week, the first unusual question went to Unger: What is his goal for beard length?

“We’re trying to go less than ZZ Top, just by a little bit though," Unger said. “I don’t want to upstage them.”

There was no master plan for Unger's beard growth, but his hairy look won’t be around much longer.

“It’s coming off after the game,” Unger said.

His beard wasn’t the only odd question Unger heard about his look. How about his uniform? No matter how cold it is Sunday, Unger won’t have anything covering his arms.

“That’s just more for consistency," he said. “I’ve never worn sleeves in a game before, so I wouldn’t want to change now for whatever reason. I’m not superstitious or anything, but you kind of practice all these reps a certain way for years and years. You don’t want to change that.”

One change from the normal Seahawks road trip came when the team left Seattle for New Jersey and thousands of fans were there to show their support.

“It was one of the coolest sports moments that I’ve been a part of,” Unger said. “I don’t know if you call it a sports moment or whatever, but there were probably about 20,000 people out there lining the road going to the airport. We have extremely passionate fans, the best ones in the NFL, and it’s just pretty cool to be a part of that.”