Carroll says close school for the parade

NEW YORK -- Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was asked Monday if Seattle-area schools should shut down Wednesday so kids could come to the Super Bowl victory parade in downtown Seattle.

"Heck yeah they should," Carroll said. "There's some big educating going on this Wednesday. Seriously, in my mind, it really is about the kids. It starts a memory about following your team that lasts a lifetime. This is all what it's all about.

"And I feel so humbled about bringing this championship back to Seattle. There's no fan base that deserves this more, one that has supported this team with more passion and love and spirit. So yeah, shut down school. Let's do this celebration rightfully and peacefully."

Carroll said the team did a lot of celebrating Sunday night after the 43-8 victory over the Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium, including Seahawks team owner Paul Allen.

"We had a great party," Carroll said. "How good is it when you have your team owner on stage playing guitar with his own band? Paul was hot last night."

Carroll was joined Monday morning by Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith, the Super Bowl MVP and only the ninth defensive player to win the award in 48 Super Bowls.

Smith, who was given the keys to a new Chevy Silverado truck, was wearing tan cargo pants and a long-sleeve T-shirt.

"I brought a suit, but I dressed to go to Disney World," Smith said. "Sorry about that."

Smith had a 69-yard pick-six in the second quarter, but the MVP award wasn't in his thoughts until his teammates brought it up later in the game.

"I just never imagined it," he said. But the guys started saying, ‘Hey, you might be the MVP.' I said, ‘No way.' So I was surprised and happy."

Not bad for a guy who was a seventh-round draft pick and didn't even get invited to the NFL Combine after his senior year at Southern Cal.

"It shows that's not the end of your story," Smith said. "You still have limitless possibilities."

And if you're a kid in Seattle, you might even get a day off from school on Wednesday.