Carroll warns team of offseason distractions

RENTON, Wash. -- Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll knows a lot of rewards and tons of attention comes to players on a Super Bowl winning team. In the final team meeting on Tuesday, Carroll told the players to keep things in perspective.

"They will have a lot of distractions and a lot of people pulling them in different directions," Carroll said. "So we addressed that, quite frankly, that each guy has got to set his plan in motion and not let the distractions get in the way of the hard work that it takes to put this thing back together.

"My language and my message to the guys wasn't anything different. I didn't surprise them with what I was talking about. But I told them this is an extraordinary opportunity, because it's so difficult for teams to come back and play really well after winning the Super Bowl. We take that challenge on nose-to-nose and we'll go out there and see what we can do about it."

Carroll said he won't see most of the players again until Aril 21 for offseason conditioning sessions.

"Yeah, it seems like forever," Carroll said. "But I think we walk out of here totally arm and arm with the thought that we're going to have a great offseason. That means guys have to be really committed.

"We've asked them to stay connected to us and to each other so they make really good decisions and take care of themselves. I'm hoping our 24-7 commitment helps them staying strong."