Seahawks' top 5 defensive plays: No. 5

Here’s my list of the top five plays by the Seahawks' defense in the 2013 season:

No. 5 -- Thomas and Sherman forcing a fumble at Carolina.

The Seahawks were in big trouble late in the game in the season opener at Charlotte. Seattle was leading 12-7, but the Panthers had a second-and-2 at the Seattle 24.

Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams got free on a run down the right sideline and was inside the 10, but aggressive hits by Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas forced Williams to fumble. Seahawks defensive tackle Tony McDaniel recovered at the 8. Seattle took possession with 5:25 to go and held the ball until the end.

Had the Seahawks lost that game, it could have transformed the whole season and forced them to go on the road for the playoffs.