Top offensive plays for the Seahawks: No. 8

This is the first of eight plays during the season that stood out for the Seahawks on the road to the Super Bowl. This play didn’t have much of an impact on the outcome of the game, but it epitomizes Beast Mode at its best.

No. 8 – Marshawn Lynch’s 43-yard run against Houston.

Back-to-back penalties put the Seahawks at their 2-yard line with a first-and-17 in the first quarter. Russell Wilson handed the ball to Lynch off right tackle. It was time for the Beast to rumble.

The right side of the line opened a nice hole that Lynch raced through to reach the 10 before he juked to the right and started throwing off would-be tacklers like he was covered in oil.

Two Houston players missed him twice -- nose tackle Earl Mitchell and safety Danieal Manning. Mitchell tried to grab Lynch five yards past the line, and failed again when he grabbed Lynch from behind just past the 20.

Lynch ran right by Manning at the 18 before Manning failed to knock Lynch out of bounds at the 25. Three Texans couldn’t stop Lynch when grabbing him from behind. Lynch stepped over Ed Reed, who was blocked to the ground by fullback Derrick Coleman.

When it ended, Lynch had blasted past seven attempted tackles before he was brought down by Houston All-Pro J.J. Watt, a defensive lineman who was 43 yards downfield.

The Seahawks ended up punting on that possession in a game they came from behind to win, 23-20, in overtime, but that play was the longest run from scrimmage of the season for Lynch and classic Beast Mode.