Top offensive plays for the Seahawks: No. 6

Well, what's a countdown of the best without one trick play in the bunch. This one was funny, but effective.

No. 6 – The 43-yard flea-flicker TD pass at Atlanta.

Leading 6-3 in the second quarter, Russell Wilson pitched the ball to Marshawn Lynch for what looked like a power sweep to the right. Not this time.

Wilson drifted out to the left before Lynch stopped, turned, and threw the ball back to his quarterback. Well, throwing it is a relative term.

Lynch looked more like a guy hurling a shot put with his wobbly toss back to Wilson, but it got there. Meanwhile, receiver Jermaine Kearse, who was lined up on the right side, slid out like he was going to block for Lynch.

Right about when Lynch threw his knuckleball back to Wilson, Kearse took off on a deep slant. He was pretty well covered by Atlanta free safety Thomas DeCoud, who had his hands all over Kearse when the ball arrived. But Kearse grabbed it and held on as he fell backwards in the end zone.

It was the second 43-yard TD of the season for Kearse, who proved in 2013 that he had a knack for big plays. He also had a 28-yard TD catch at Indianapolis and a 35-yard TD in the NFC Championship Game. He also broke four attempted tackles on his 23-yard Super Bowl TD catch.