McDaniel back and Seattle adds a WR

A little good news for Seattle Seahawks fans. Seattle has signed defensive tackle Tony McDaniel to a new deal worth $6.3 million over two years.

Keeping McDaniel was essential after losing defensive tackle Clinton McDonald yesterday to Tampa Bay, but McDonald would have been the better option of the two. He signed a four-year deal for $12 million with the Buccaneers, so Seattle could have kept him for the same $3 million per year if they had been willing to go with a longer commitment.

And here's a move that isn't likely to get the fans jumping for joy, but the Seahawks have signed former Jacksonville receiver Taylor Price, several outlets are reporting.

Price in, Golden Tate out. Not exactly equal value in terms of what Seattle lost Wednesday and what it has gained.

Price, who is 26, played college football at Ohio. He was a third-round draft choice by New England in 2010 and never lived up to expectations. Jacksonville signed him in December of 2011 and he spent the last two seasons injured.