Statistical look at Seattle's chance to repeat

Many people believe that the Seahawks are in a good position to repeat as Super Bowl champs because they have a young team and have managed to keep most of the core group of players together.

However, statistically speaking, the odds are against them. Winning back-to-back Super Bowls is a difficult thing to do. Only eight teams have managed to do it since the big game began in 1967 (Pittsburgh did it twice).

If the Seahawks do it in the 2014 season (the 2015 Super Bowl), it would be the first time in nine years. The New England Patriots were the previous team to win consecutive Super Bowls (2004-05).

Only three teams have done it in the past 20 years. The Dallas Cowboys won back-to-back Super Bowls in 1993-94 and the Denver Broncos in 1998-99.

Thirty-one Super Bowl winners did not come back and win it again the following year. However, three teams returned to the Super Bowl and lost -- Dallas in 1979, Washington in 1984 and Green Bay in 1998.

But there is a good chance of winning a second Super Bowl within four years of winning one. Besides the eight teams that won back-to-back, four teams won another Super Bowl within three years, and five did it within four years.

Buffalo is the only team to play in four consecutive Super Bowls, but the Bills lost all four games. Dallas lost in 1971 and won the next year. Miami lost in 1972 and won it in 1973.

Will Seattle become the ninth team to win consecutive Super Bowls? Maybe, but the Seahawks have a better chance of becoming the 18th team to win it twice within four years.