Sound-Off Saturday: Your Round 1 pick

This Sound-Off Saturday is your last chance to have a say in what direction you would like to see the Seahawks go with their draft pick at the end of the first round, which happens Thursday night.

I'll make this one a multiple choice question for you. What would you like to see the Seahawks do with the 32nd and final pick of Round 1?

A) Choose an offensive lineman.

B) Choose a wide receiver.

C) Choose a defensive lineman.

D) Trade down and get an extra draft pick.

E) Trade up for a player they couldn't get at 32.

F) None of the above. List your answer.

I realize some of this will depend of which players are selected in front of them, but under your best-case scenario, what would you do?

You also can vote on my Facebook page or my Twitter page (TerryBlountESPN) under the hashtag #SeahawksR1draftpick.

You're on the clock.