Seahawks luring rookie free agents

The Seahawks are doing all they can to show rookie free agents that Seattle is the place to be. The team produced a 12-page brochure for them that lists all the reasons a potential rookie free agent should sign with the Seahawks.

“We’re telling them that this program is built on competition and we’re committed to giving guys the chance to show it,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Tuesday. “So if they come to us, they’re going to get to play. We’ve proven that our [rookie free agents] play more than anybody else in the NFL in preseason, so that’s one fact for us.

“Also, the commitment that we’ve had is real and we have had more rookie free agents playing for us than any other team. So we tell them the facts. We really do believe that young guys can make it, and also that we do have an approach.”

The Seahawks had 18 players on the Super Bowl roster that entered the NFL as rookie free agents. However, some undrafted rookies might be wary of signing with Seattle, believing it would be tough to make the roster of a Super Bowl winner known for its depth.

So Carroll and general manager John Schneider want rookie free agents to know they have a real shot if they sign with Seattle, and that it also improves their changes of being picked up by other teams if they are released.

“We believe we can find the special qualities that guys have based on the way we go about it,” Carroll said. “We’re not trying to just throw a guy to the wolves and see if they can make it. We’re going to give them a chance to do what they do well, show us where they fit, and then we’ll build on their strengths. That’s been a long commitment that we’ve had that we know works.”