Seahawks lose ground in the betting odds

The Seahawks remain the favorite to win the 2015 Super Bowl in the eyes of the Las Vegas oddsmakers, but the Denver Broncos have gained ground, betting wise.

Seattle was a 9 to 2 favorite before the draft, but are only a 6 to 1 favorite now, barely ahead of Denver. The Broncos moved up to 7 to 1 odds from 8 to 1 before the draft, according to Bovada.

San Francisco stayed the same in the third spot at 15 to 2. Four other teams in the top seven on the betting odds improved, with the Seahawks the only team in the top seven that went the other direction.

The others that improved in the top seven are New England (14/1 to 9/1), Green Bay (16/1 to 10/1), Philadelphia (25/1 to 18/1) and Indianapolis (28/1 to 20/1).

Seattle was one of 14 teams that were listed with worse odds after the draft, but it wasn’t enough to knock the Seahawks out of the top spot.

Jacksonville already had the longest odds before the draft at 100 to 1, but fell to 150 to 1 after the draft.