Schneider looks beyond the obvious

Seahawks general manager John Schneider loves the draft choices the team made, along with the rookie free agents Seattle signed. He also realizes that's exactly what you would expect him to say.

"It's like a surgeon," Schneider said Monday on 710 ESPN radio. "Do you ever hear a surgeon say, 'You know, that didn't go so well.'"

Good point, but Schneider says the Seahawks got what they were looking for overall. It has to do with looking beyond a man's measurable attributes.

"We went to their core, first, about who they are as people," Schneider said. "In our locker room, you have to be able to bring it. These guys are going to come in and go against guys like Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas, so they have to be able to step it up and be tough through it."

Schneider said they looked for players who have made it through adverse situations in their life.

"We look at what obstacles they've had to overcome," Schneider said. "Every single one of these guys has overcome huge obstacles in their life. That's extremely important to us, because you’re coming into an atmosphere where you are going to have to push right away."