Rookie minicamp ends with deja vu

RENTON, Wash. -- The final play of the Seattle Seahawks rookie minicamp Sunday was a little like NFC Championship déjà vu.

The rookies closed the camp with a scrimmage that ended on an interception after a tipped pass near the goal line. Safety Dion Bailey made the interception after the pass from Keith Price (intended for Keith Norwood) was tipped by cornerback Thomas Wolfe.

Final score: Green team 10, Blue team 7, resulting in a huge celebration for the green-team guys. No one was actually wearing green, but whatever.

The finish looked similar to the play that ended the NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers when Richard Sherman’s tip was intercepted by Malcolm Smith in the end zone. Interesting that the men making the pick on both plays (Smith and Bailey) both played for Southern Cal.

The play Sunday wasn’t quite the same importance, obviously, but you wouldn’t know it by watching how excited all the players were during the no-tackling scrimmage. These young men are fighting for their professional lives and it showed.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said he found out a lot of things about a lot of guys who may or may not have a future with the Seahawks. Of the 59 players in the rookie camp, 41 were trying out and hoping for the best.

“We’ve got some tough decisions,” Carroll said. “Some of the guys that were in the tryout mode are definitely under consideration. We have to figure all that out in the next couple of days. These guys really answered the call and worked hard for us. We saw some great signs from these guys.”

Carroll wouldn’t name which of the tryout players they might keep, but the Seahawks will have to let someone go for every tryout player they keep because the team is at the 90-player limit.

A couple of tryout players who looked impressive were defensive back Marcus Smith of Nevada and defensive end Adham Talaat, a Gallaudet University product who is partially deaf.

“He worked really hard,” Carroll said of Talaat, who is 6-6, 270. “He did a nice job of showing his toughness, and that he will give a great effort.”

Carroll said effort and determination are big things the coaches want to see from the rookies.

“We’re always looking for that competitiveness, guys that come out and really battle,’’ Carroll said. “They’re busting their tail and digging and scratching. We want to get a sense for their nature.”