Minor scuffles show Seahawks intensity

RENTON, Wash. -- With the first roster cut only a week away, it should come as no surprise that practice sessions tend to get a little more intense.

It's true for the Seahawks, who've had a couple of minor scuffles in the first two practices this week. Defensive end Michael Bennett talked about the little dust-ups, including the one he was in Tuesday.

"It just shows where we are and that everybody wants to get to that next level," Bennett said. "Everyone gets a little more aggressive to figure out where we want to be as a team. Everybody's just hungry to play a real game. We want to beat teams really bad and show them who we really are."

Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn doesn't like practice altercations, but he understands it happens sometimes.

"We certainly don't want them," Quinn said. "It's a really competitive and heightened time when guys are going for it to say, ‘I want to show I belong on this thing.'

"So some of those flare-ups may happen. But it's our job as coaches to get that handled as best we can so everyone knows what we're competing for."

The team philosophy for the Seahawks is "always compete."

"At the end of it, it's how good we can make each other by how hard we go against each other," Quinn said. "Sometimes that line can get crossed, but really we have to know what we're competing for to see how good we can get. That's the message and it's our job to try to control [scuffles] as quickly as we can."