New QB Daniels dismisses get-even talk

RENTON, Wash. -- Don’t tell rookie quarterback B.J. Daniels that the only reason the Seattle Seahawks picked him off waivers was to stick it to the San Francisco 49ers.

“I don't agree with that at all,” Daniels said Thursday, one day after Seattle claimed him when the 49ers released him. “During my draft process, I had Seattle come and work me out. This is one of the places where I thought I might be drafted. I'm glad it worked out I'm here.”

Some fans see this as a get-even move by the Seahawks after the 49ers claimed wide receiver Chris Harper, Seattle's fourth-round draft pick, when the Seahawks waived him in August. Seattle wanted to place Harper on the practice squad, which is what the 49ers wanted to do with Daniels, a seventh-round pick from South Florida.

Daniels said the bad-blood between the teams and their fans isn’t part of his focus.

“That whole rivalry with the fans is not something that I can pay attention to right now,” Daniels said. “This is my new home, and whatever I can do to help out Seattle is what I need to do."

He also scoffed at the notion that he could help the Seahawks by revealing details on the 49ers playbook.

“That’s all overrated,” Daniels said. “It doesn’t help at all. It's one of those big running jokes, because it doesn’t mean a whole lot.”

But getting released did catch him off guard. “It was a surprise to me,’’ he said. “I’ve never gone through this, but to be picked up by Seattle is a blessing.”

Daniels is 5-foot-11 and known for his elusiveness. Does he consider his quarterbacking skills similar to Russell Wilson?

“He’s a guy a definitely watched, one of the great athletic quarterbacks I've paid attention to,” Daniels said. “I’ve tried to take bits and pieces from every one of them to try to help out my game. I learned some things from Kap [49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick], and now I want to see when I can learn from Russell, and T-Jack [Seattle backup quarterback Tarvaris Jackson], as well.”