Sound-Off Saturday results on top 5 QBs

It was close, but the Sound-off Saturday voters made the Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning their top pick over the Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers as the No. 1 quarterback in the NFL in a vote of top-5 signal callers.

Manning was selected No. 1 on 38 percent of the ballots between ESPN.com and my Twitter page. Rodgers received 34 percent of the first-place votes.

New England quarterback Tom Brady was a distant third on No. 1 votes. But it might surprise you who came in fourth, or maybe not since this is the Seahawks blog. Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson edged out New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees for the fourth choice of No. 1 votes, getting two more votes than Brees.

Eleven quarterbacks received at least one vote somewhere in the top 5 -- Manning, Rodgers, Wilson, Brady, Brees, Andrew Luck, Philip Rivers, Nick Foles, Colin Kaepernick, Matthew Stafford and Ben Roethlisberger.

One voter did an obvious bottom five, which wasn’t counted.

One of the Sound-Off Saturday questions this time was whether you felt Wilson was top-5 quarterback. Well, 73 percent of you placed Wilson somewhere in the top 5.

Averaging out all the votes, here’s the top-5 among the voters:

1. Manning

2. Rodgers

3. Brady

4. Brees

5. Wilson

And I can’t say that I disagree. You folks know your stuff.