Play-calling a group effort for Gamecocks

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- My question to Steve Spurrier last week was about as straightforward as it gets.

How can the Head Ball Coach not be the main guy calling plays?

It's been one of most debated topics in South Carolina as the season approaches.

Spurrier's answer was pretty simple.

"Ultimately, I am the main play-caller," he said. "I know everything that's being called and sign off on everything that's being called. I'm responsible."

But Spurrier confirmed that for the second year in a row he would be delegating a bigger chunk of the play-calling duties to his staff, namely his son, Steve Spurrier, Jr.

"I'll probably still call the key plays, the third downs, the fourth-and-1's, and I'm sure I'll change a few," said Spurrier, flashing his familiar grin. "It's just something that I'm trying to spread out a little bit more and not do it all myself."

So far during the scrimmages, Spurrier Jr. has called most of the plays, but first-year offensive line coach and running game coordinator Eric Wolford also has a big say. For instance, they might ask him what he likes in the run game on a particular play. Most of the Gamecocks' running game has come out of the shotgun, similar to what Illinois did last season with Juice Williams when Wolford was on the Fighting Illini staff.

"We script a lot of it, and most of the work is done during the week," Spurrier said. "But it's going to be a little different this year with all the zone read stuff. That's coach Wolford's deal."