Still no word on Georgia's quarterback

Georgia coach Mark Richt had hoped to unveil a post-spring depth chart by the end of this week, which means we might have gotten a feel for which way the Bulldogs were leaning at quarterback.

But upon further review, Richt says he's still not ready to release a depth chart. He and his coaches are still meeting with players, and it will be next week at the earliest before a depth chart is released.

Honestly, I don't know what a depth chart really means at this point in terms of identifying the Bulldogs' starting quarterback.

I still believe Aaron Murray will open the season as the starter, especially with Zach Mettenberger suspended for at least that first game.

Throwing Mettenberger in there that next week as the starter in such an important game at South Carolina would almost seem unfair considering that would be his first snap ever in a college game.

To me, the more important question is who emerges as Georgia's starting quarterback by the time October rolls around, and who finishes the season as the starter?

Richt has played multiple quarterbacks before, and it appears that he may have to do it again to get a genuine feel on who's his best guy. Nobody's counting junior Logan Gray out of the equation, either, although it's difficult to imagine him being the Bulldogs' every-down quarterback throughout the whole season.

Richt hinted earlier this spring when I talked with him that the games might end up being the real judge of who's the right guy for the job.

"You may think you’ve got your No. 1 and then you start playing the games and you’re on national TV and the bullets are flying," Richt said. "Sometimes, you’re three, four or five games into it before you get a gut feeling of who it should be or you’re really certain who it should be."

Mettenberger threw the ball extremely well during the spring and put up good numbers. But he was also going up against the second-team defense a lot of of the time.

Everybody wants to know who the quarterback is going to be. That's only natural. The ideal situation is for one guy to emerge as the obvious starter. But when guys are talented and team-oriented, it's not always a bad thing to have that competition extend into the season.