How did I miss so badly on Alabama?

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

Remember all those lists back in July and August?

We ranked the SEC's best teams, best coaches, best offensive players, best defensive players, most underrated players, best fantasy players ...

You name it and we ranked it.

Well, it's time to review some of those picks and your chance to hammer me for being such a poor prognosticator.

About the only thing I got right was the best team, which is at least something. Most people were picking Georgia back in August. But geez, ranking Alabama eighth? That's embarrassing. There's no truth to the rumor that Tommy Tuberville and Phillip Fulmer pressured me to rank the Tide so low. I was just a nonbeliever at the time.

As coach Saban would say, I was too consumed with the result and not focused enough on the process. I won't make that mistake again.

Anyway, here you go and fire away. I've included the latest power rankings at the bottom:

1. Florida
2. Georgia
3. LSU
4. Auburn
5. Tennessee
6. South Carolina
7. Ole Miss
8. Alabama
9. Mississippi State
10. Kentucky
11. Arkansas
12. Vanderbilt

1. Florida
2. Alabama
3. Ole Miss
4. Georgia
5. LSU
6. South Carolina
7. Vanderbilt
8. Tennessee
9. Kentucky
10. Auburn
11. Arkansas
12. Mississippi State