Georgia eliminated in second round

Even though the SEC has led or tied for the most NFL draft picks 11 of the past 13 years, the lone SEC club remaining has been eliminated from the ESPN.com NFL draft pipeline challenge.

No. 8 seed Georgia fell to No. 1 seed Southern California in the second round.

In the first round, No. 5 seed Tennessee fell to No. 12 seed Ohio State, while No. 13 seed Florida fell to No. 4 seed Florida State.

In going with USC over Georgia in the second round, Scouts Inc. analyst Matt Williamson wrote: "Georgia has a strong group of present NFL stars who are still building their legacy and to me, that counts for more than those résumés that are already completed. But any way you cut it, the Bulldogs cannot keep up with the Trojans in our format. Georgia's present crop of top NFLers have more impressive collective résumés. Still, Troy Polamalu and Carson Palmer have a large group of very young USC alums to help bolster their cause over the next few seasons ... and that isn't even mentioning the USC greats who came before them. The Trojans are going be very tough to stop."

Here's a look at the bracket.