Cyrus Jones grew up idolizing Tavon Austin, and we feel very old

Cyrus Jones takes punt 57 yards to the house (1:35)

Alabama's Cyrus Jones finds a seam on the punt return and breaks a tackle to weave his way into the end zone and increase the Crimson Tide's lead to 24-0. (1:35)

When Cyrus Jones was asked where he got the kind of moves that resulted in his 57-yard punt return, he went back to his “favorite player growing up.”

All the way back to ... 2012.

“My favorite player growing up was Tavon Austin ...”

Excuse me? Third-year NFL player Tavon Austin? The 24-year-old Tavon Austin?

Forgetting for a second that Austin is only a couple years older than Jones, how is this possible? We thought maybe he’d say Deion Sanders or Devin Hester.

Oh God, it’s 2016 and current college players grew up watching Tavon Austin and we’re so old.