Vanderbilt leads the SEC in APR scores

Vanderbilt produced the top Academic Progress Rate (APR) score among the 12 SEC schools in the most recent study.

The Commodores had a 975 out of a possible 1,000. Georgia was second in the SEC with a 973.

The NCAA released the latest scores on Wednesday, encompassing the four-year period from the 2005-06 academic year through the 2008-09 academic year. The APR measures the eligibility, retention and graduation of athletes on every Division I team in all sports

Teams that fall below 925 risk the loss of scholarships. Ole Miss was the only SEC school to fall below that barrier. The Rebels had a 921, but weren't penalized.

Last year, they lost three scholarships for the 2010 signing class after falling below 925 and having three players to leave the team that weren't academically eligible.

The national average for football teams was 944. Six SEC teams finished above the national average -- Vanderbilt (975), Georgia (973), Florida (971), LSU (965), Alabama (957) and Kentucky (951).

Here's a look at the numbers:

Vanderbilt: 975

Georgia: 973

Florida: 971

LSU: 965

Alabama: 957

Kentucky: 951

Tennessee: 944

Mississippi State: 939

South Carolina: 938

Auburn: 935

Arkansas: 930

Ole Miss: 921

Here's a look at the 2008-09 numbers:

Florida: 982

Vanderbilt: 982

Alabama: 972

Georgia: 965

LSU: 961

Ole Miss: 957

Arkansas: 956

Kentucky: 955

Mississippi State: 954

South Carolina: 934

Tennessee: 928

Auburn: 915