Wild Arkansas win over TCU is bad news for Big 12

Arkansas stuns TCU in 2OT thriller (1:41)

Arkansas blocks TCU's field goal attempt and sends the game to overtime, where Austin Allen runs in for a five-yard touchdown and Arkansas completes a 41-38 upset of the No. 5 Horned Frogs. (1:41)

FORT WORTH, Texas -- The game was over. Well, it was supposed to be over.

Then, it was definitely over, but somehow it wasn't. This one kid's knee was supposed to be down, but it magically wasn't.

One quarterback rose from the dead to deliver a marvelous comeback, while the other one went from alive to dead to alive again at the very end of regulation when E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G was on the line.

Easy field goals ended with nightmarish outcomes.

Oh, and there was overtime. Two, actually.

Fort Worth, your TCU team might not have won the football game, but you won the day. It was supposed to be a boring day in college football with zero games between ranked teams, but you sure did deliver in a pinch. After three quarters of mostly mundane football, you gave us 29 fourth-quarter points, two comebacks and then some extra ball as Arkansas somehow won, 41-38.

All of this mess started when Arkansas, who was up 20-7 and had a first-and-goal at the TCU 2, failed to punch it in for a touchdown with 13 minutes left in the fourth quarter. The Razorbacks then watched kicker Cole Hedlund's 22-yard field-goal try ping off the right goal post.

Eight plays later, TCU, whose offense was all sorts of sloppy with penalties and turnovers, was back in the end zone, where it would end up two more times in the quarter.

KaVontae Turpin tried to steal the show. First, it was a 57-yard catch-and-run shortly after Arkansas' goal-line flub. Then it was a his stellar 34-yard punt return in which he went from almost tackled to shifting his legs mere inches above the turf to stay upright and sprint to the 50. He then grabbed a 43-yard pass on the very next play. Finally -- for some crazy reason -- Arkansas kicked to Turpin again after trying the game at 28-28 late in regulation. Turpin took it 64 yards to set up a game-winning field goal that was eventually blocked.


That inexplicable kick to Turpin never should have happened, but after quarterback Kenny Hill's 5-yard touchdown run gave TCU a 28-20 lead that should have ended things once and for all, Hill throat-slashed to provide Arkansas more room on the ensuing kickoff. After falling asleep for most of the fourth quarter, Arkansas quarterback Austin Allen looked like Aaron Rodgers, leading a 58-yard touchdown drive in just four plays, which ended in a 16-yard touchdown pass to Keon Hatcher.

Then (of course!) the Hogs tied it on the 2-point conversion with a reverse in which Hatcher threw to Allen in the end zone.

Once we got to overtime, no one knew what to do. Well, no one except Allen, who threw another touchdown pass and then later ran one in for the win.


It never should have gotten to this, but the Texas heat is tricky. And now the heat is on the Big 12, which has had three disastrous losses in two weeks. First, it was Houston rolling over Oklahoma last week. Then, Oklahoma State fell in unthinkable fashion to Central Michigan on Saturday. Finally, it was No. 15 TCU losing at home to unranked Arkansas.

What in the world just happened?