Expect a partial glimpse of Matt Canada's offense in LSU spring game

What to watch for in LSU's spring game (3:08)

ESPN's Tom Luginbill talks with Paul Finebaum about what to expect from the Tigers and their new offensive coordinator Matt Canada. (3:08)

BATON ROUGE, La. -- If you happen to catch LSU's spring game Saturday, don't be surprised if you occasionally lose track of the ball. The Tigers' defense has had the same issue this spring.

"The defense say they know what we're going to do, but then we watch film and we just make fun of them because they go one way and the ball's going the other way," left tackle K.J. Malone cracked earlier this week.

If that's happening, then all is going according to plan for new offensive coordinator Matt Canada, whose scheme is built around misdirection and creating confusion with pre-snap shifts.

Saturday's scrimmage (8 p.m. ET, SEC Network) will be the 15th and final spring practice for Canada and his offensive players to work together, and the first actual glimpse outsiders will get of the Tigers' new-look attack.

Just don't expect to see the full arsenal Canada has installed over the past several weeks.

"We had that discussion [about keeping it basic on offense Saturday], but you know, we want to play, too," LSU coach Ed Orgeron said Thursday. "So there's going to be a mix there of things that we feel that people know already on tape. There will be a mixture of things that we will do and there'll be some things that we won't."

Fans should expect to see a highly competitive first half, though. Orgeron said the starting offense will go against the starting defense because he wants the scrimmage to simulate a real game atmosphere.

"I want to see us get after it," Orgeron said. "I want to see us compete in a game-type atmosphere, I want our guys to walk down Tiger Walk, put themselves in a situation just like a preseason game. I want to see them perform under pressure, see what they can do, play hard, compete, have fun, have energy."

In scrimmages so far this spring, LSU players have indicated that the offense has generally gotten the better of a defense that is without eight starters from last season.

"We've done great during the scrimmages we've had, like 500 yards each scrimmage and that just fires us up," Malone said. "Because in the past, last year, it would be, 'All right, the defense won today.' But now it's like, 'The offense won today.' Even if we give up like one series, we're all fired up to go back out there and score a touchdown."

For that reason alone, expect to see some feistiness from Tigers defenders.

"We definitely have a chip on our shoulder," senior safety John Battle said. "It's going to be fun Saturday. I can't wait for it. I'm excited and just ready to get after it."

All of that said, Saturday will still look like a garden-variety spring game from the stands and on television. Maybe it will be more competitive than normal for a half before the Tigers play with a running clock after intermission, but we should still expect relatively simple game plans on offense and defense and extremely limited special-teams play.

Putting on a show is great, but the Tigers still want to be as healthy as possible once they reach the summer months.

"This will be my fourth or fifth spring game now, so it's really just pretty vanilla," senior quarterback Danny Etling predicted. "You just go out there and try and have some fun and play with your teammates some and enjoy the atmosphere of having people there watching you and kind of the culmination of all the work you put in this spring, and go out there and just kind of show it and have some fun doing it."