A game South Carolina needs to win

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- With everything that’s gone on at Georgia and South Carolina the last few weeks off the field, maybe the compliance directors should meet at midfield for the coin toss today.

It’s been one thing after another, really across the entire SEC.

Georgia star receiver A.J. Green is serving a four-game suspension for selling one of his jerseys to an individual deemed to be an agent by the NCAA. He wasn’t allowed to make the trip with his teammates. Georgia is appealing his suspension, hoping that it will be reduced and he can return for the Arkansas game next week or the Mississippi State game in two weeks.

South Carolina has come through most of its issues, at least for now. There could be more coming. The university received an official letter of inquiry from the NCAA on Thursday.

In the short term, though, the Gamecocks got two of their players back, both starters. Cornerback Chris Culliver and offensive tackle Jarriel King were both cleared by the NCAA to play in this game after sitting out the opener.

That's a huge swing in favor of the Gamecocks, who thought at one point prior to the Southern Miss game last week that they might be without 12 players.

Now, the only player still missing for them is senior tight end Weslye Saunders.

Georgia's an excellent team and a team I think will only get better and hang around in the East race all season.

But it just seems to set up nicely for the Gamecocks. Not only do they get their players back, while the Bulldogs are missing their best player, but this will be Georgia redshirt freshman quarterback Aaron Murray's debut on the road.

In other words, if it's really going to happen for the Gamecocks this season, this is a game they better win.