Rainey 'not part of' Florida's team

It sounds like slot receiver Chris Rainey may not be on the trip this Saturday when Florida travels to Tennessee.

Offensive coordinator Steve Addazio, who meets with the media on Tuesday, told reporters, "Chris Rainey is not a part of our team right now. That's really all I have to say on that."

Rainey was arrested early Tuesday morning and charged with felony aggravated stalking after sending a woman he'd been dating a threatening text message that allegedly said, "Time to die."

The alleged victim has asked that the charges be dropped and that the whole thing was a misunderstanding. She said her sister was the one who called police.

Gainesville state attorney Bill Cervone told Florida Today that no resolution in the case would be reached this week.

"We will look at the case and the circumstances involved and make a decision as to what charges, if any, are appropriate to pursue as quickly as possible but no decision is going to be made this week,'' Cervone told Florida Today.