SEC schools not running from Brown

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

My ACC colleague, Heather Dinich, states that Miami coach Randy Shannon made his best recruiting move yet by essentially telling running back Bryce Brown "thanks, but no thanks."

In other words, don't look for Brown to be signing with the Hurricanes.

Still on his list, though, are a couple of SEC teams. He visited Tennessee last weekend and is scheduled to visit LSU this coming weekend.

I'm sorry, but what's with the official visits in late February? Surely, the NCAA will step in and put an end to this nonsense.

And I also have to agree with Dinich. Brown is obviously a highly rated player, the nation's No. 2 running back according to Scouts Inc., but the circus surrounding his recruitment is a huge red flag.

Rarely do coaches run from great players, but this may be one of those instances where LSU and Tennessee would be wise to.

Here's betting they don't, though.

Brown already has an "advisor" and is part of a Web site, potentialplayers.com, where he's posting his own recruiting updates.

What's next? His own radio show?

Wouldn't you love to hear some of the recruiting promises being made to this kid right now?

"... Bryce, if you come to our school, we'll see to it that all your media access goes through your own Web site. For that matter, if you want to, you can coordinate all of our media requests for coaches and players."

Let's face it, recruiting has gotten totally out of hand when prospects with "advisors" are still taking visits in late February and publicizing their recruitment through an independent Web site.

But, then, recruiting got out of hand a long time ago.