Gators coming up big on third down

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Florida will look back on this game and count its blessings that it was able to convert on so many third-and-long situations.

Similarly, Tennessee will look back and wonder "what if" had the Vols been better defensively on third-and-long.

When the Gators have needed to make a play on third-and-long, they've typically come through. It has to be refreshing for Florida fans to see Carl Moore come through with such an acrobatic catch on third down. He's a guy who has to make plays if this offense is going to ever start clicking this season.

Meanwhile, Tennessee fans can't blame former defensive coordinator John Chavis for this. For all of Chavis' success at Tennessee, fans complained that his defenses gave up too many third-and-long conversions.

Well, Chavis has been at LSU for two years, and it's still happening.