No excuses for stand-up Dooley

There’s no getting around how much both staffs botched the end of that LSU-Tennessee game on Saturday.

It was pure chaos, and nobody really seemed to have a firm grip of what was going on.

That said, Tennessee’s Derek Dooley has been about as stand-up as a coach can be in terms of not making excuses, not whining about calls that could have gone the Vols’ way and shouldering the blame for the whole substitution snafu that led to LSU’s improbable 16-14 win.

“Look guys, don’t forget what I said. We could have controlled the outcome of the game despite everything that happened, and I won’t back down from that because it’s true,” Dooley said Monday at his weekly news conference. “For us to say, ‘We could have, we should have, if they did that ...,’ we’re not being true to ourselves.

“We could have done better. And a championship team, if we’re going to win championships, that’s what we’ve got to do. That’s the standard.”