Spurrier: You can win and still be a dummy

As a rule, college football coaches’ news conferences can be boring.

Let’s face it, though. Is there anything about Steve Spurrier that’s remotely boring?

The Head Ball Coach always says exactly what’s on his mind, and there’s rarely a filter.

Case in point: Spurrier’s news conference on Tuesday.

Somebody asked him about coaching against Alabama’s Nick Saban. Spurrier immediately recalled their first two meetings in 2000 and 2001 when Spurrier was at Florida and Saban at LSU. The Gators won both games easily.

“Those were two of the real good offenses we had down there at Florida,” Spurrier said. “We looked like we were a lot smarter than he was the first two games. But recently, he was a lot smarter than I was last year. Let’s put it that way. Who knows who’s going to be the smartest this year? Who knows who’s going to be the smartest?

“I read something interesting in the paper the other day about the Ryder Cup golf matches. One writer said, ‘Whoever wins the Ryder Cup, that captain will be considered somewhere between John Wooden and Vince Lombardi.’ And he said, ‘The loser will be considered like an SEC football coach after a loss.’ He’ll be the dummy. And that’s just the way it is. And we all know that. As coaches, we all know that.”

But in vintage Spurrier fashion, he didn’t stop there.

“Of course, sometimes you can win and still be a dummy,” Spurrier cracked. “We’ve learned that recently, too.”

Now, he didn’t mention any names, but the smirk on his face was priceless.

Any chance he might have watched the ending of that LSU-Tennessee game last weekend?