Kiffin-Raiders feud just won't end

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin is back in the news again for something other than coaching football.

He's scheduled to be deposed early next week in San Francisco by attorneys representing the Oakland Raiders. The deposition is part of Kiffin's grievance with the NFL over money he says he's still owed by the Raiders.

Kiffin, who's been a lightning rod for controversy during his first three and a half months as the Vols' coach, was fired after four games last season with the Raiders. He and Raiders owner Al Davis have both accused each other of lying.

The bad blood obviously hasn't subsided.

The Raiders sent a nasty letter to the University of Tennessee president's office in January and accused Kiffin of being "someone who broke NFL rules and made false statements that misled the media, Raiders fans and the entire team."

Here's a copy of the letter, which was obtained by CBSSports.com.

Kiffin's attorney, Alan Loewinsohn, responded Friday night with a statement firing back at Davis.

Here's that statement in full:

"Starting with Al Davis' nationally televised press conference publicizing the firing of head coach Lane Kiffin last fall, the Raiders have continued to attack coach Kiffin in the media. That assault continued today, long after he left the Raiders, when the Raiders issued a statement and 'leaked' a letter they wrote months ago to coach Kiffin's new employer, the University of Tennessee, in which the Raiders again attacked coach Kiffin's character. Starting next Tuesday at a hotel in Oakland, the Raiders will no longer be able to rely on unsupported allegations made in the media, as key Raiders personnel, starting with Al Davis, will finally have to answer questions under oath at their depositions, a process that coach Kiffin is confident will demonstrate that he was fired by the Raiders without cause and show that the continuing assault of allegations being made against him are false."

My only editorial comment is this: What is it about Tennessee football coaches and depositions?