Scheming up Auburn, Cam Newton

AUBURN, Ala. -- Nobody's really been able to slow down Auburn's Cam Newton this season.

The true test will come later Saturday against an LSU defense that is by far the best he's seen this season.

In talking to LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis on the eve of the game, his two main concerns are dealing with Auburn's up-tempo pace and tackling the 6-6, 250-pound Newton.

Scheme-wise, Chavis feels good about the Tigers' plan and having the right guys in the right spots.

But tackling Newton is a different story. He's been a terror when he takes off and runs this season. LSU, though, has been an excellent tackling team this season.

The other thing that works in LSU"s favor is that the Tigers are good enough up front defensively to get pressure with their front four.

At the end of the day, LSU wants to make Newton beat it by throwing the football, which goes back to keeping him bottled up and not allowing him to run the football.

"We'll find out how good a tackling team we are," Chavis said.