Newton leads Auburn to West crown

No matter what side of the fence you sit on concerning the Cam Newton allegations, you can’t help but admire the way he came out and played like a champ Saturday.

Fittingly, Auburn wrapped up the Western Division championship by pulling away from Georgia for a 49-31 victory. That means the game with Alabama in two weeks won’t matter in terms of the West race.

But it matters plenty for Auburn in its pursuit of a national championship.

Once again, Newton proved just how special he is as a football player.

You know this had to be one of the most trying weeks of his life, one of the longest weeks, too.

But he was his usual brilliant self on the field, passing for two touchdowns and running for two touchdowns. He carried the ball 30 times and was 12-of-15 passing.

It was the kind of performance that had Heisman Trophy written all over it and the kind of performance that tells you that Newton isn’t easily rattled -- no matter how crazy it gets off the field.