Steve Spurrier is glad Newton is playing

South Carolina Steve Spurrier said Friday that he’s glad Auburn quarterback Cam Newton was ruled eligible to play in this game and that he deserves to play.

“It wouldn't have been right to not play when the championship's on the line,” Spurrier said. “I remember Joe Paterno one time said, ‘You want to beat the other team when all their best players are playing, and hopefully, it will be a game that no key players get hurt during the course of the game and both teams fight it out and the team that plays the best will win.’

“So I'm glad he's playing. He deserves to play, and we haven't even thought about the other stuff.”

Spurrier, who as a former Heisman Trophy winner has a vote, said Newton would definitely be somewhere on his ballot.

“It is a private vote, as you know,” Spurrier said. “We don't have to reveal those like the coaches’ poll. But I think I've already said that Cam Newton will certainly get one of my votes. You get three. I'll keep secretive what order they're in, OK? It's a secret vote.

“But I think he deserves the Heisman, no question.”