'Defensive Heisman' would go to Peterson

We all know that defensive players don't win the Heisman Trophy.

The obvious exception was Michigan's Charles Woodson in 1997, and he did a few others things like returning kicks and catching passes to bolster his case.

KC Joyner of ESPN Insider came up with a novel concept. If there were such a thing as the Defensive Heisman Trophy, who would win this season?

His pick: LSU's Patrick Peterson.

Having watched Peterson lock down on receivers these last two seasons, I certainly wouldn't argue with Joyner's selection, especially when you consider the impact Peterson also had on special teams this season.

I said after watching him against North Carolina in the season opener that he was the most explosive player in college football and still feel that same way 12 games later.

Peterson, only a junior, will almost certainly be a top 10 selection in the NFL draft this February. He leaves the SEC as the most complete cornerback I've seen in this league in the last decade.