Tinkering with Tebow

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

My ESPN.com colleague, Mark Schlabach, has an interesting piece on Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

And while a lot has already been written and said about Tebow, Schlabach delves into Florida's attempt to tweak Tebow's mechanics as a passer, in particular his footwook and sidearm delivery.

My first thought is: It ain't pretty, but it sure is effective. After all, Tebow threw 30 touchdown passes and only four interceptions last season.

Messing around with how Tebow goes about his business on the football field is akin to messing around with Tiger Woods and telling him what club he ought to hit off the first tee.

Tebow's proven that he can get it done, funky release or not.

The question becomes: Can he get it done at the next level with that same funky (and slow) release? And I'm guessing that's what is really at work here with this tweaking of his mechanics.

Nobody at Florida wants to see Tebow go in the second or third round of the NFL draft, especially Urban Meyer. What does Meyer tell the next quarterback he's recruiting to that system when one of the greatest and most productive players of this era isn't even drafted in the first around, if that indeed happens?

I still have to believe it to see it.

But despite all this talk about refining Tebow's throwing mechanics, he's still going to be the same player. When it's time to take off and run, he's going to run. When he needs a play on third down, he's going to make the right decision. When he needs to hit a big play down the field, he's going to put the ball where it needs to be.

We've seen it for three years now. And one thing I'm 100 percent sure of is that his will to win needs absolutely no tweaking.