Has South Carolina's Whitlock run out of chances?

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

C.C. Whitlock came to South Carolina as an incredibly gifted talent.

It looks like he'll leave South Carolina as an incredibly frustrating pain in the you know what.

After being reinstated to the team last week by Steve Spurrier, Whitlock was arrested early Saturday morning near his hometown of Chester, S.C., and charged with trespassing.

The charge itself doesn't sound all that serious, but Whitlock's track record of finding trouble and being a guy who simply doesn't get it is very serious.

And if the Head Ball Coach is serious about establishing a different type of mindset on this team (a mindset that doesn't lead to embarrassing collapses at the end of the season), then he'll send Whitlock packing once and for all.

The truth is that Whitlock was already hanging by a thread. Even though he'd been reinstated to the team, he'd put himself in the kind of predicament academically that he was going to have to have the best semester in the classroom this summer that he'd ever had at South Carolina just to be eligible in the fall.

The Gamecocks need help in the secondary. That's a given. There's a distinct possibility that true freshmen Stephon Gilmore and DeVonte Holloman may be starting next season. There's no depth at cornerback, which probably gave Whitlock a few more chances than he deserved.

He's run out of chances now.

Too bad he didn't come in with the same kind of focus as Gilmore and Holloman.

Like Whitlock, they were from the same talent-rich area of South Carolina. And like Whitlock, they were highly recruited and immensely talented.

Having graduated from high school early, they didn't waste any time making their presence felt on the practice field this spring, as both Gilmore and Holloman put themselves in position to be starters. What's more, they both earned better than 3.0 GPA their first semester in the classroom.

Obviously, Gilmore and Holloman get it.