Auburn's Chizik wins Bryant award

Auburn's Gene Chizik picked up his third national coach of the year honor Tuesday night when he was named the winner of the Paul "Bear" Bryant Award.

Chizik, who just completed his second season at Auburn, led the Tigers to their first national championship since 1957. He also won the Home Depot and Liberty Mutual national coach of the year awards prior to the Tostitos BCS National Championship Game.

With the recruiting season in high gear, Chizik said he hasn't had a chance to soak in everything Auburn accomplished this season.

"You work so hard and you're so demanding on yourself, it's really hard to grasp everything until there's a month or two that passes," Chizik said. "You really don't have time to sit back. A month or two later when it really slows down and you get a chance to back off is when you really realize it."