My take on Alabama SportsNation results

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

Here's a look at the SportsNation results from Alabama Day in College Football Live's "50 States Tour" and my take on whether or not I agree:

1. Which team was the best in state history?

SportsNation results (29,093 votes)

  • 1992 Alabama, 13-0, national championship: 37 percent

  • 2004 Auburn, 13-0, SEC championship: 30 percent

  • 1979 Alabama, 12-0, national championship: 29 percent

  • 1978 Alabama, 11-1, national championship: 2 percent

  • 1957 Auburn, 10-0, national championship: 2 percent

My take: Agree

It's hard to pick against that 1992 team, which featured one of the most ferocious defenses the SEC has ever seen. I can still see John Copeland and Eric Curry coming off the edge and so do most quarterbacks who had the unfortunate task of trying to pass against them. My biggest question, though, is where is the 1961 Alabama team on this list? You want to talk about a dominant defense, the Crimson Tide finished 11-0 on their way to Bear Bryant's first national championship and never allowed more than seven points in a game. Included were six shutouts, including five in a row heading into the 10-3 win over Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl.

2. Which player is the best in state history?

SportsNation results (26,765 votes)

  • Bo Jackson, Auburn: 55 percent

  • Joe Namath, Alabama: 29 percent

  • Derrick Thomas, Alabama: 11 percent

  • Cornelius Bennett, Alabama: 5 percent

  • Pat Sullivan, Auburn: 1 percent

My take: Agree

Jackson is perhaps the most well-rounded athlete to ever come through the SEC and rivals Herschel Walker as the best running back in league history. But, geez, how is Alabama offensive tackle John Hannah not on this list? For that matter, where's Bart Starr, Don Hutson and Ozzie Newsome?

3. Which coach is the best in state history?

SportsNation results (26,343 votes)

  • Paul "Bear" Bryant, Alabama: 85 percent

  • Pat Dye, Auburn: 7 percent

  • Shug Jordan, Auburn: 5 percent

  • Frank Thomas, Alabama: 2 percent

  • Gene Stallings, Alabama: 1 percent

My take: Agree

Talk about a slam-dunk. Asking who the best football coach is in Alabama state history is like asking who's the world's best golfer right now. Bear Bryant is, was and always will be the standard for college football coaches. His legacy will endure. Even though he's been dead for more than 25 years, he remains the face of football in the SEC.