Commitment from a 13-year-old is absurd

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

If you haven't heard by now, one of Tennessee's latest commitments is from a 13-year-old who hasn't even started high school yet.

Not just any 13-year-old, mind you. But the younger brother of Tennessee All-American safety Eric Berry.

Evan Berry told Rivals.com on Monday that he was committed to the Vols. Never mind that given the precarious nature of coaching in the SEC that this current Tennessee staff may well be long gone by the time he ever gets around to signing a letter of intent.

The year of his signing class?

Try 2013

Now before everybody else in the SEC starts laughing and shaking their collective heads, there's not a school in this league that wouldn't love to have somebody on its team with the Berry bloodlines. Evan has a fraternal twin, Elliott, who's also quite the athlete.

But that's not the point.

The point is that the whole idea of kids committing to a school before they've ever even stepped foot in a high school classroom (and the publicity it generates) is absurd.

But maybe that's it. Maybe the publicity is exactly what the Vols were seeking.

Lane Kiffin has been a master to this point at generating publicity (both good and bad), and the Vols were able to close this most-recent recruiting class with a flurry. So he's obviously doing something right.

But a 13-year-old kid?

Even Evan's father, James Berry, concedes that four years is a long time and a lot can happen.

Think about how many times a lot of high school juniors change their mind in a matter of months after committing to a school.

As good as it sounds like Evan is going to be, these next four years should really be a whirlwind.

What's next, though?

Staking out recess at the elementary school playgrounds.