Tweaking aside, Tebow's still going to be Tebow

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

Referring to it as the reinventing of Tim Tebow would probably be a bit strong.

Refining, maybe. But certainly not reinventing.

The Gators' senior quarterback -- the same guy with two national championships and one Heisman Trophy under his belt -- has spent much of this offseason tweaking his sidearm throwing motion, working more from under center and generally doing the things that will make him a hotter commodity as a quarterback at the NFL level.

It's made for good fodder and some lively conversation while we await the kickoff of the 2009 college football season.

But this just in: Tebow is still going to be Tebow.

He's still going to run when there's an opportunity. He's not going to be afraid to take on linebackers near the goal line. He's not going to have a textbook release when he cuts one loose down the field and he's not going to be conventional.

That's not Tebow.

His game is doing whatever it takes to win and bringing his teammates along with him.

So what if he has an awkward windup when he throws. He completed 64.4 percent of his passes last season and threw 30 touchdowns to go along with four interceptions.

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier told me at the SEC spring meetings back in May that he's not sure he's ever seen a more effective college quarterback on third down than Tebow.

When the Gators need a conversion, Tebow finds a way to move the chains.

But as his senior season nears, all we've heard about is how we might see a little different version of him.

Two things are at work here.

First, Florida coach Urban Meyer genuinely wants to see Tebow have the best chance he can at a long and prosperous NFL career as a quarterback. Meyer and Tebow share a close bond. And why not? Look at what they've done for each other.

Secondly, Meyer knows as well as anybody that it doesn't help him at all if one of the best college quarterbacks of this era doesn't get a serious look as a quarterback in the NFL. Imagine how difficult it would be then to recruit a quarterback to the Gators' spread offense.

Of course, the talk coming out of Gainesville is that Florida will incorporate more of an NFL-style passing game into its offense once John Brantley takes over at quarterback in 2010.

For the time being, the Gators will have to make do with Tebow and all his quirks as a passer.

Somehow, I think it's all going to work out.