Raven signs with Aggies, not Rebels

Just when you thought you'd heard it all on national signing day, we run across a situation where a mother actually forges her son's signature and sends in the scholarship papers.

In this case, it was the mother of defensive back Floyd Raven of Reserve, La., and the thinking for much of Wednesday was that he had signed with Ole Miss.

But when Ole Miss officials had a hard time reading the first letter of intent sent by Raven, they asked him to re-send it. Raven declined. That's because he had changed his mind and wanted to go to Texas A&M all the time. He explained that his mother had forged his signature and sent the papers in earlier without knowing that he had changed his mind and was planning on signing with the Aggies.

"Long story short, my mom thought she was helping me out," Raven said in an interview with The Associated Press Wednesday evening. "I wasn't home and she sent it in. I never told her I had changed my mind to Texas A&M. I forgive her for it. It was an honest mistake."

The Rebels announced 22 signees.