Newton gets lucrative endorsement deal

Who says a little controversy doesn't sell?

Of course, when you're a freakish athlete like Cam Newton and coming off one of the most dominant seasons in college football, a season that ended with a national championship, somebody's going to pay top dollar to get you to push their merchandise.

That somebody is Under Armour, which according to a report by CNBC, has signed Newton to the most lucrative endorsement pact ever awarded an incoming NFL player.

Newton's deal surpasses the one Reggie Bush got in 2006 from adidas and is in excess of $1 million.

Despite being a fabulous player, the other thing that Newton has going for him is the way he handled all of the allegations last season and the way he responded on the field even after it was confirmed that his father, Cecil Newton, tried to shop him to Mississippi State for $180,000.

Well, Newton's going to make a lot more than that now ... just on endorsements.