Welcome to the SEC media days

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

HOOVER, Ala. -- There's a definite Big Top atmosphere to the SEC media days.

Reporters stumble over each other (all 900-plus of them) for the juiciest quotes and tidbits. They ask good questions, bad questions and questions that are downright bizarre.

I can still see former South Carolina linebacker Jasper Brinkley shaking his head in horror last year when somebody asked him if he was into dogfighting.

And occasionally, a subpoena is even served, although the chances of that happening this year are remote now that Tennessee's Phillip Fulmer is no longer around.

The wildest scene I've ever seen at the SEC media days was 2004, the year Fulmer didn't show up at the advice of his attorneys to keep from being served. Tennessee was fined $10,000 by the SEC for Fulmer skipping out, and Fulmer wound up doing his news conference via a speaker phone back in Knoxville.

The whole thing was a circus.

For the players, the three-day event becomes a bit of a fashion show.

Who can break out the flashiest threads? And trust me, some of the colors of the players' suits can be blinding.

Even some of the reporters get into the act. Now I'll be the first to admit that nobody has ever accused sportswriters of being the best-dressed people in the world, but it's always a riot to see how many of the people there are sporting the colors and logos of the different schools.

And why is it that they seem to run out of Alabama media guides every year?

My best advice for anybody who plans on stopping by the Wynfrey Hotel on Thursday (the day Alabama's contingent is in town) is that you get there early. The hotel lobby turns a shade of crimson that morning, and it looks like a scene from just outside Bryant-Denny Stadium in the fall.